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What is a Techpreneur?

published11 months ago
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Some housekeeping.

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Um, I know what you are thinking.

Is Techpreneur even a word?

Apparently, it is a word. Although I didn't know that (or what it meant) when I first had the idea for this newsletter.

(There I go, trying to be all original and stuff. 😁)

So what is a Techpreneur?

This is how I think of and define a Techpreneur, in my context.

A Techpreneur is someone (like me) who uses programming and code, no-code solutions, and existing technologies in order to gain:

  • Financial freedom
  • Location-independent work
  • Creative expressiveness

Here is a solid definition I found online in the article, Technopreneurship: New Breed of Entrepreneurship:

"techpreneurs are entrepreneurs who start and manage their own technology business"

I like the sound of "Company of One" (from the book by Paul Jarvis) way better. And, that is very well my goal instead of some massive business or corporation. I want to stay small and not deal with or manage several employees.

Essentially my goals as a Techpreneur Developer are:

  • Be my own boss.
  • Working on those projects I find meaningful and rewarding.
  • Own my time.

In fact, this concept I have envisioned for myself is nothing new.

You may actually recognize it as any of the below (but not limited to) common names in the online digital landscape and tech world 🌎:

  • Web developer
  • Freelance writer
  • Digital nomad
  • Email marketer
  • Micro-SaaS founder
  • WordPress professional
  • And many, many others

I most certainly am not the first person to work towards such a goal.

Nor will I be the last.

In the next several emails, I'll shed some light on why I'm beginning to now share my journey as a self-branded Techpreneur Developer (I think I've finally discovered this is what I want).

I'm also trying the "Build in public" approach and plan on being as transparent about my path as possible.

The fact of the matter is, I have no idea what I'm doing.πŸ’‘

And I'm okay with admitting that. We all have to start and learn from somewhere.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with these 3 links to sources I've read this week and learned something from:

(Cover photo credits: Image by πŸ’–MORE ON πŸ‘‰ πŸ’– from Pixabay)