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Goal setting and side income...

published10 months ago
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Some housekeeping.

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I believe goal setting is essential in order to track progress or regression.

My short-term goal is to consistently make $50/month combined from any of my side hustles.

Seems reasonable right? Not too overly ambitious.

I'll publish the results at the beginning of next month, in the first week's newsletter (if all metrics are available).

So far, here are my side hustles:

Some other services I have considered (and even advertised). If I were to get any work from any of these, they would be included as 'earners' also:

  • Building Carrd landing pages and single-page sites
  • Building WordPress landing pages
  • Building ConvertKit landing pages
  • Building WordPress contact forms
  • Email writing, setup, and integration
  • Technical writing and editing

My biggest challenge with taking on any active work is that I'm already working a 50+ hour/week job. I define active work as any work I'll need to do after hours with a hard deadline or milestone.

However, passive work - the work I'm already doing every day after hours (E.g. writing blog posts, newsletters, and creating digital products) - fits my workload tolerance better.

The passive work is by far less pressure and moves at an easier pace since there are technically no clients waiting on me for any products or deliverables. This is why something like the Medium partner program is so nice (only if the platform hadn't turned into such a dumpster fire here of late).

Passive products and projects allow me to do the work once and reap the benefits over the long haul. They just aren't making me that much money upfront.

And, that's okay too.

Perhaps I should double down on something like an email course, video course, or live stream that requires a little more user engagement upfront, therefore yielding some immediate monetary value.

I have enough material for a paid email course on MySQL database programming. I just need to take the time to put it all together.

What ideas do y'all have on a price point for a 5-day email course of this nature? I'd love to know your thoughts

Reply and let me know what you think.

I'll wrap up here for now.

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